Thursday, January 30, 2014

Business Chic with Sequins

Hey Loves!
I felt inspired to throw together this quick post last minute.
To me there is nothing more feminine than a woman in pair of sleek pants with a matching blazer. I love this iridescent sequin top..I've had it for years and probably wore it twice. I also love these earrings..I think they match the top perfectly. Braids will once again be huge for spring/ I added a rope braid for extra sophistication.
Wearing pink makeup is getting me inspired for Valentines Day..soOo stay tuned for my next post ;)

-XO Kate<3

{pants: guess} {shoes: fergie} {top: miss me couture} {jacket: 6126 }{earrings: macys}


  1. Hey Hun, your ensembles are always fabulous. I personally love the whole outfit, but I would have choice to go with flats as my shoes sinks the heels are more of a nightout on the town. Maybe if the pants where a just a bit more long I would not mind the heels. The braid is to die for <3 it's super cute. What kinda braid is that?

    Sincerely your friend,

  2. Thanks doll! Love the feedback! This is a rope braid. =)


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