Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Spring Hue Shoe Haul!

My favorite thing about spring is the reintroduction of COLOR back into my wardrobe. Sprouts start popping up out of the dirt..the grass turns green again..and my toes get adorned with bright shades of polish. This season I figured, why not give my shoes a pop of color too? 
I ordered these great heels a few weeks ago and have been dying for warmer weather to arrive. If you saw my last post you'd recognize the white pumps. I chose these to add a sportier look to my outfits plus they go with almost everything. The neon yellow ones are my absolute favorite..a great punch to any look and they're so comfortable. I chose the mesh pumps because of the floral trim and the blue laser cut one's to bring out the pastel items in my wardrobe.



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