Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Apartment Therapy

Welcome to my apartment! 
So this is my very first place..a one bedroom garden apartment. It's only about 700 square feet BUT its charming and bright.. and for now, it works! I moved in the middle of May and plan to stay here for a year or two. With this is mind I went with furniture that fit my desired decor..but didn't cost a lot (in case it doesn't fit/function wherever I live next). I wanted to keep a shabby chic feel..while still being functional and cat friendly <3 All major furniture came from Ikea, Amazon, Homegoods, Marshalls, Christmas Tree Shops, or yard sales! 
Make yourself at home<3

some of my favorite wedding cards..

currently collecting..

chandelier made by yours truly

well wishes from my engagement party


shadow box filled with heirloom jewelry & kissing statues from late grandmothers house

favorite rollable kitchen island from Amazon

LOVE these glass jars

everyday essentials within reach

plate rack turned bathroom display shelf

its nice to have an outdoor space..Booka loves it too :)

Happy Fall!


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