Wednesday, May 18, 2016

My {Before 30} Bucket List

So today's post is a bit different from the usual fashion/accessories posts you see here. 
The other night I was scrolling incessantly through Pinterest posts and came across a "bucket list" article. I've always had "to do" lists but never thought of creating a bucket list for myself.
 I instantly got inspired and started typing away finding creative and fun things that I would love to do. I decided to create a new board.. "Before 30 Bucket List"  I chose to title it that being that I am still only 27..but know that 30 is fast approaching! 
These are all things I would love to do solely or with my husband and friends!

Here are my {top 10} bucket list goals before 30!

1) LIVE MY TRUTH! There's no time like the present to be your true authentic self! I vow to be honest, sincere, & true to myself..anyone who doesn't accept the real you shouldn't be in your life!

2) TRAVEL! TRAVEL! TRAVEL! It's been my experience that the older I get, the busier I get, so my biggest priority in these next few years is to TRAVEL! I feel like most of the trips I've taken have been "superficial" trips to the Caribbean with the primary goal of "getting a tan". It's so important to see how other parts of the world live, eat, dance, etc! My husband & I are planning a European cruise to France, Italy, & Greece!..I can't wait!

3) MOVE! This one scares me most of all..but that's exactly why my heart is eager for me to do it. The biggest move I've ever made was to the town over from where I grew up..7 minutes drive to be exact..big deal. I have this desire to move (not only for nicer weather..sorry Jersey you suck) but to get out of my comfort zone & experience life in a completely new way. My husband and I have signed that we will be vacating our apartment in 3 if it's really "meant to be"..all will happen in due time!

4) MAKE MY HOUSE A HOME<3 I dream of living in a beautiful home in a tropical location with a big backyard to enjoy & raise a family. After 2 years of apartment living..the extra space will be much appreciated!



5) DO SOME ADVENTUROUS SHIT! I'm going to Toronto this weekend and their CN tower is famous for it's "edge walk"..maybe I'll try it! I'm also going to San Diego in July & I've heard the paragliding there is amazing! only live once!

6) MAKE A DIFFERENCE! "Only a life lived for others is worth living" - I want to make a difference in the lives of others before I leave this earth! Whether it's through charities, simple acts of kindness, or volunteer work..I've always envisioned myself becoming a big humanitarian.

7) DISCOVER MY PURPOSE! Even at 27..I still don't know what I want to do "when I grow up"..I love working with children, and animals, and of course I'm very passionate about fashion and blogging..but who's to say I wasn't put here for something completely different?? I'll never know until I take some risks, say YES to opportunities and follow wherever my heart takes me<3

8) REMOVE NEGATIVITY! Refuse to put up with any & all negativity whether it be from people places or your own thoughts! It's so easy to get caught up in "drama", hang around people who don't rise you up, or tell yourself that "your not good enough as you are" These are all signs of negativity and your best self will rely on you to stay far and clear of it in order to succeed! 

9) BE CALLED "MOMMY" I always thought I'd want to become a mom before 30..but then again I used to think I'd want to be one before 25..and boy was I wrong! As much as you're "never really ready" to become a parent..I want to be as ready as I can be..which includes getting a lot of these other goals checked off 1st!..but when the day will be what I've waited for most of all<3

10) DO THESE THINGS! As inspiring as it may seem to get a list together of all of your dreams and can easily get in the way. My goal is to make it a point to get these dreams checked off despite what circumstances come up.
If you're about to be 30, or 21, or 16..(it doesn't matter how old/young you are!) I encourage you to set a list of goals for yourself & aspire to achieve them before a certain age to look back on..I promise you you'll be so happy you did =)

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