Monday, November 28, 2016

Have a little FUN this Christmas

Have a little FUN this Christmas

Raglan shirt

Red socks

Geneva watch

Ceramic mug

Bar tool

Paper cocktail napkin

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Glam Gift Guide for Under $100

Girlfriends Gift Guide for Under $100

Casetify iphone case


Forever 21 travel bag


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Easy Tiger coffee mug


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Colored candle


Voluspa gold candle


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Decked Out Card Game


Travel Organization Tips

When it comes to traveling..most of us just wish we could close our eyes, snap our fingers, and magically appear at our destination! Unfortunately, it isn't that easy. There can be a lot of stress associated with traveling, particularly the packing process! What to to pack it can be overwhelming!
I've been traveling a lot recently..and have gotten pretty good at the whole process. That is why I have created a list of helpful tips to make packing easy & effortless for keep on reading!

1.) The first tip for staying organized while preparing for a trip is to ACTUALLY PREPARE! So many people wait till the day/night before a trip to pack which makes things stressful & hectic!..not exactly ideal before a getaway am I right?! Here's how you can get prepared without the stress:
  • Start packing up to five days before your trip
  • Purchase any clothing/toiletry items you may need in advance
  • Do any laundry/dry cleaning to assure all of your favorites are clean and ready to go
  • Check that all of your luggage and/or tote bags are fully functioning 

2.) Prep Your Outfits in Advance:  This seems like an obvious one but you'd be surprised at the amount of people who don't do this! They just throw a bunch of clothes in their suitcase and worry about coordinating later! Take the extra 10-15 minutes while you're packing to coordinate your outfit, shoes & accessories. Here's how to make it easier:
  • Consider how many days you are going to be away & how many outfits you will need per day so you know how many items you can expect to pack
  • Use your bed or floor as a canvas so you can physically lay each item out 
  • Once you have some items in mind, lay them next to each other
  • Select coordinating jewelry & accessories that would go great with that look 
  • Select which shoes would match & place them aside as well
  • Once you are happy with your coordinating pieces, feel free to snap a pic so you can remember what goes together then fold & stack the outfit

3.) Consider the Weather: You would think this is a no-brainer too, but so many of us don't consider what the temperature will be day-to-day where we are traveling & end up without the proper attire. To assure this doesn't happen to you:
  • Check a reliable weather source for the forecast where you are going
  • If it is going to be cold, pack a coat. Don't have room in your suitcase? Wear the one you want with on the plane
  • If there is rain in the forecast pack a mini umbrella inside a pair of shoes or in your handbag if there is enough space
  • Going somewhere sunny? Remember to bring sunglasses & sunscreen; both are easily forgotten!

4.) Pack Efficiently:

Depending on how long you'll be away will determine how many bags you need. On average most people take with them a checked bag, a smaller carry-on bag, & personal item. When it comes to determining which items should go in which suitcase, I've provided tips for each below:

Your Checked Bag:
  • Pack the majority of your clothing in your checked bag along with your shoes (since they are bulky)
  • Use the shoes to store smaller items, or special things you don't want shifting during the flight
  • Packing a lot? Roll your items & stack them side by side to create even more space

Your Carry-On Bag:
  • Pack all of your "essentials" in this bag..God forbid your checked bag doesn't make it to your final destination (which happens TOO OFTEN!)
  • Pack your favorite items, valuables, toiletries & an extra change of clothes 
  • Pack a sweater or blanket loosely on top where it's easily grab-able in case the ride gets chilly
Your Personal Item/Purse:
  • Being the easiest bag to access during travel, keep what's most important to you here
  • You should have all travel documents (passport, i.d) easily accessible 
  • Traveling abroad? Make sure to carry a pen for filling out those customs forms
  • Perhaps you may to like to snack during the flight, so pack a few munchies in here
  • Don't forget your laptop & headphones to enjoy in-flight entertainment
  • Like to snooze? Pack your earplugs and/or eye-mask so you can sleep peacefully 
  • If your flight is long, bring some favorite makeup items for touchups before landing

There you have it..a few tips to hopefully help you pack easily & effortlessly for your next trip. 
-XO Kate

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