Wednesday, December 28, 2016

New Years {Revelations}

There's no day of the year where we feel more inspired to change & improve the quality of our lives quite like January 1st. 

What is it about writing a new # on the end of the year that gets us so excited & motivated?..A fresh start?..A clean slate?..A chance to be do & have all that we say we want? The answer is obvious; all of the above!

But then we typically write this list..a list of "resolutions" that we have all good intentions of doing/getting/changing..but ultimately..don't end up doing. And why is that? In my opinion, this happens because "resolutions" put a lot of pressure on us all at once & we rarely have the ability to accomplish such goals without extreme determination & focus. Is it possible? Sure. BUT with busy lives, other priorities, and old habits, it's hard to stay on track. (cuz we're human..duh) 

So I had a different approach, a healthier approach to the new year/new you ahead..and I'm calling it New Years "Revelations"

Instead of writing down all that you wish to change/improve about yourself or your life, you look back at what has or hasn't served you over the past 365 days. This way your not coming from a place of judgement or thinking that what you were doing before "wasn't good enough." 

So once you observed the actions or behaviors, you can simply decide to keep, add more of, or let go them based on where you want the direction of your life to go. You are still getting the opportunity to have goals for the new year, but without a heavy expectation, which if you don't achieve, could leave you feeling ashamed. 

With that said, I had many revelations about this past year on what things did and did not serve me. So I created a list of a few actions/behaviors that I wish to keep, add more of, and let go of for 2017!  

My {Revelations} were:

  • When I practice gratitude daily, it changes my perception of everything throughout my day 🙏 (keep!)
  • Meditating consistently will give me a clearer mind 😌 (add more of!)
  • Eating junk makes me feel like crap & I always regret it afterwords (let go of!)
  • When I create a strategy for where my $ is going week to's easier for me to save 💰 (add more of!)
  • All these recent trips have made me want to see the world more than ever before! 🌎🌍🌏 (add more of!)
  • I enjoy listening to audio books and since I hate to read I should take better advantage of the opportunity 📚 (add more of!)
  • I don't get enough sleep and I can feel it taking it's toll on my body 😴 (get rid of the bad habit/add more sleep!)
  • I have been neglecting this deep desire to be charitable and help others; I sometimes think it would make me the most happy (add more of!)
  • Being indecisive wastes time and energy 😩 (let go of being so picky!)

*My number 1 revelation was about gratitude because I think its important to stop at least once a day & think of what we're grateful for. So often we get caught up in our-day-to-day life..and then days turn into weeks, and weeks to months, and months then turn into a year, & before we know it we blink her eyes and we wonder how life went by so quickly! So my advice for you/me for 2017 is to take {more} time to be aware and grateful for our lives👏

Wishing you all a happy & healthy 2017!

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

My Holiday Wishlist

My Holiday Wishlist

Hey Loves!
 I wanted to post my holiday wish-list today with Christmas so close to being here! 
With my birthday also around the holidays (Jan 4th!) I'm asking for these items for my bday too (I would never expect all these gifts anyways) Like I said on Instagram, my mommy already gifted me this Calpak luggage set so I could use them for London & I'm OBSESSED! I highly recommend them for anyone thinking of investing in them. Anyways I hope you all are enjoying making your own lists and all the other fun holiday festivities. P.S. my favorite part about Christmas is giving gifts to everyone else..I love to surprise the ones I love<3

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