Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Our Maui Babymoon!

Last week we escaped the cold snowy weather of NJ and headed to Maui, HI for our baby-moon. We stayed in Wailea at the Four Seasons and it was hands down our best trip yet! The service was out of this world, our drinks were never empty, and the food was delicious! There were so many mamas there with baby bumps and little ones, and we are so excited to go back one day with our baby girl!

I wanted to take advantage of the breathtaking backdrop for a little maternity photo-shoot, and I absolutely love how the photos came out. 
Heres a look at some of my favorites<3

Saturday, December 9, 2017

2017 Christmas Wish-list

I figured I’d put together another wish list post for this for this holiday season. I almost feel guilty creating one because I have been already given such amazing gifts & blessings this year👶🏻💕 But with family grab-bags and people begging for lists, I did manage to come up with a few things I’d appreciate this Christmas. 
2017 Christmas Wish-list

I am obsessed with these oversized knit blankets…I know the marino wool ones go for hundreds of dollars but I’ve seen some affordable versions of them online. I think they are the cutest home decor addition to being a super cozy blanket. I would love one for our living room!☺

Next are highly..highly requested items: We recently got a new sleep number bed {omg its AMAZING!} & I am in the market for hotel quality pillows to go along with it. If its even possible to make sleeping a more enjoyable experience..I’m all for it! Sleep number makes pillows of their own & they’re great 🛏🙌🏼

These next few items just prove that when you’re an adult the silliest things can make you happy.😏I have been in dire need of both an ironing board & knife set since I got married. It’s actually comical how I’ve managed to get away not having either of them for over 3 years now. You can just imagine how ridiculous I look when I have to iron clothes on my bed & cut certain foods (like giant watermelons) with steak knives..🍉🙈 These items would finally make meal prepping so much easier 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

Onto the “tech section”…I will admit we already have the AirPods & charging pad but they’re technically my husbands - he got the iPhone X the other night & came back with all these accessories..& now I want my own sets 😂 I got the 8+ about a month ago and had seen this cute Recover stone print case online & finally ordered it for myself. It’s great if anyone is in the market for a 7+\8+ case!

If anyone is struggling for a gift for me..MASSAGES are the answer💆🏻🙋🏻 I have yet to get a prenatal massage and I’m so looking forward to one! I’m blessed to say I don’t have any back pain or swelling or anything like that but, I do have tense shoulders and would love any excuse to fall asleep 💁🏻 

This Rebecca Minkoff small love chevron velvet bag has been on my radar for few months. I keep passing every time I go to Bloomingdale’s and drool.🤤 Of course I’m up obsessed with this color & I think it’s great for day or evening and it seems to have enough space for everything you need.

I used to have a gold "K" initial necklace similar to this one but I lost it when I was in the Hamptons this past summer and it broke my heart😩 I wore it every single day so this cute one from Nordstrom would be a perfect replacement. 

Alien perfume is one of my top five favorite scents and I’m always running out of it so you can’t go wrong with getting me a refillable bottle of this yummy stuff! 

Lastly, I recently saw a commercial for this Conair 2-IN-1 straightener/curling iron and I think it’s worth giving it a try. I currently straighten and then curl my hair almost every single day and having two different tools on the counter is a pain in the I’m anxious to see if this is any good!

I hope you all get everything you wish for this holiday season and more importantly, spend time with the people you love most<3

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