Sunday, November 18, 2018

The Most WONDERFUL Time of the Year!

Happy Holidays!

I wanted to share some pics of my holiday home decor. This Christmas is extra special as it's Kaiya's first! I decided to start fresh & get all new ornaments (I never really had a ton of my own anyway) I chose to go with traditional red & white with plaid accents. I know the plaid is especially popular right now but I figured It's usually a regular this time of year & I can always ditch it and just keep the red going forward. 

I actually really wanted to do a funky whimsical tree but I opted to do a mini version for Kaiya's room instead

Anyways thanks for stopping by!


Flocked Tree: Walmart HERE!
Deep red ornaments & ribbon: Marshalls
Other red & white ornaments: Target WHITE / RED
Gift boxes: Target HERE!
Custom Stockings: Pottery Barn HERE!
"J O Y" Stocking Holders: Target HERE!
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