Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Hot Spring/Summer Items to buy NOW!

I know it may seem a little crazy to be thinking about summer in the middle of winter, BUT ITS NOT! The fashion industry is always ahead making now the time to score some great items to add to your upcoming wardrobe. 

The main reasons you should start shopping now are: #1) It's your last chance to scoop up some great sale items from last season before they get marked back up and/or disappear forever & #2) The new arrivals are coming out NOW & they wont stay in stock forever. 
All the major sites already have spring/summer items loading up on their "new arrivals" sections daily and popular favorites get low in stock & sell out quickly! I already put myself on two mailing lists for restock alerts on items that just hit one of my favorite  sites a week ago. might think its too soon..ITS NOT!

I decided to put together this post of Spring/Summer 2019 trends. Most are re-runs (which is why it pays to get them on sale from last year if possible!) 
Happy SPRING shopping!

#1) FLORAL per usual with every spring season, floral is in. Lots of florals in the form of ruffle blouses and dresses..very "doll-like" 

Floral Zimmermann Two-Piece: HERE

#2) Hello TIE-DYE!! I feel like its been around for a while in terms of coverups but Im glad to see it coming back to every-day wear. 

Surf Gypsy Tie-Dye Romper: HERE 

#3) WEDGE HEELS..duh! Year after year I wished I had wedge sandals but there was a part of me that thought they were ugly and unnecessary..I was wrong. Lawn parties, the simple need to be comfortable..theres always a need for neutral wedges. 

CastaƱer Wedge Espadrilles: HERE

#4) Logo Espadrilles: Espadrilles don't seem to be going anywhere as of lately..& I wouldn't care if they did - I'd still wear them as they're my FAVORITE spring shoe. I feel like logos are everywhere these days..especially with Gucci. Logo or not, espadrilles are a lifesaver when it comes to cute comfort in day-to-day Spring/Summer activities. 

Gucci Espadrilles : HERE

#5) High-Waisted Bikini:  Always chic and practical all Summer, a high-waisted bikini is a must. 

Tularosa Bikini: HERE

#6) Statement Sunglasses: Theres no denying that crazy sunglasses have become very popular over the past couple of years. I'm definitely not into the super tiny/triangle shapes you see some of these girls wear BUT I would go for some of the other sunglass trends this year. They are: ROUND, oversized square, yellow lenses, multi-colored lenses, patterned frames, and of course ity-bity. 

Gucci Sunglasses: HERE

#7) Tassel Earrings: I'm a sucker for statement earrings, always have been, always will. I think they're the best way to make any look POP!

Pink Baublebar Tassel Earrings: HERE

#8) Net/Crochet: LOVING this trend for Summer. Just got a coverup skirt like this for my upcoming trip to Bali!

Lovers & Friends Crochet Skirt: HERE

#9) Straw Bags of any kind: I love the light airy look of straw bags for Spring. Their muted colors go perfectly with the lighter/pastel shades of spring clothes and they're so lightweight and easy to wear. 

Marabelle Straw Crossbody: HERE

#10) Translucent Bags: I was looking up Spring 2019 bag trends and so many are just not my thing (laniard bags? mini duffle purses? top loop clutches..i can't.) Surprisingly translucent is one trend I like.. especially if done in a chic way like this Cult Gaia bag. (love their other clutches!) I can see a bag like this with a pretty two-piece set or maxi in the summertime. 

Cult Gaia Translucent Bag: HERE


Friday, February 1, 2019

Luxe Valentines Day Gift-Guide!

My favorite holiday is fast approaching and I can never resist putting together a fun V-day gift guide. This guide is definitely LUXE and high end..I think I was channeling Carrie Bradshaw when I put this together! Anyways, I'm a super girly girl at heart and even though I may not be living some crazy lavish lifestyle..a girl can dream ok..
Agent Provocateur Bra: HERE

Sachin & Babi Earrings: HERE

Kate Spade watch: HERE

undies: HERE

Gucci crossbody: HERE

Valentino flip flops: HERE

Sophia Webster Pumps: HERE

YSL Lipstick: HERE

ChloĆ© Perfume: HERE

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Squeaky Clean!

I was cleaning up from my bday bash this weekend (why is glitter impossible to get rid of?!) & it occurred to me that cleaning products are just as much of importance as all other everyday items and yet no one really talks about them. They're used regularly (sometimes in excess if you're a clean freak like myself) & we rely on them to clean up our crazy life messes. It got me thinking about the products I use and how I've come to love them over the past few years & I wanted to share them with you today. 

*Since having a baby I try to keep most of my cleaners as clear and free of harsh chemicals as possible. (but Im not perfect!) I also know that not all cleaners are created equal and have paid good $ for certain natural products that simply don't work. However, I can say that I back the products below 100% and would recommend them to anyone who likes their home CLEAN :) 

Method Floor Cleaner:
This stuff is SO NICE on hardwood floors. It leaves them gleaming and smells like a delicious almond pie. It's nozzle allows you to squeeze it right from the bottle onto your floors and then I personally use my Swiffer to mop it all around. 

Natural Multi-Surface Cleaners:
I especially try to keep my kitchen cleaners as natural as possible since they're touching the surfaces me and my baby eat off of. These are all free of harsh chemicals and dyes and yet they actually do a good job! I'm constantly grabbing for these all day long since my counter has become a finger-food frenzy. 

Seventh Generation Dish-Soap:
This is hands down my MOST USED PRODUCT every day of the week. I 1st purchased it the week before having Kaiya & I've stuck with it since. (I used to use Dawn) Its natural but still sudsy and gets the job done. Im constantly washing bottles, nipples, teethers, sippy cups etc. and I can trust that this soap is going to clean them without leaving any traces of dangerous ingredients. I prefer the lavender over the other scents <3


Method Glass Cleaner:
Hands down my FAVORITE window/mirror cleaner! It smells like fresh mint gum so it leaves the room smelling so fresh and clean. I also enjoy watching my mint-obsessed cat attempt to find where the smell is coming from :)

Natures Promise tub and shower cleaner:
Again, an important area I like to keep free of harsh chemicals is the babies tub. I spray the tiles and surround after every bath to keep things squeaky clean without ever worrying about what I'm leaving behind. 

Favorite Detergents:
Detergent is definitely my second most used item any day of the week. Well, not ANY day of the week as I only do laundry once a week (house rules) but I do up to 6 loads on laundry day EASY. I've stuck with Dreft since before Kaiya was born simply because she has never had a rash or bad reaction due to her clothing of any kind. We now use the "active baby" stage 2. 
As for the Glamorous Wash..omg im HOOKED. I saw a favorite blogger of mine rave about it last year and finally got a bottle (its a splurge for detergent for sure) & so far it's been one of the best decisions of my life! (lol) I'm only using it on my towels and linens & I swear this scent was sent from the GODS!! 

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