Friday, July 5, 2013

4th of July!

Hope everyone had an amazing 4th! Here was my red white and blue look!

Top: Marshalls!
Shorts: Celebrity Brand
Bracelets & Belt: Forever 21 

XO Kate<3

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

4th of July Layer Cake!

Inspiration Cake!

You will need: 
-2 box's of WHITE CAKE mix
-2 containers of whipped white icing
-3 cake pans
-Eggs (amount varies depending brand of cake mix brand)
-Vegetable Oil
-Red & Blue food coloring

1.) Begin by mixing both boxes of cake mix in one large bowl along with all required ingredients

2.) Divide the total mixture into 3 even amounts in 3 different bowls
3.) Add RED food coloring to one mixture, BLUE to another & leave the last mixture WHITE

 4.) Pour the evenly divided mixes into each of the 3 cake pans (sprayed with baking spray)

5.) BAKE at required temperature for required amount then remove and let cool completely

6.) Remove cakes from pans and stack on top of one another (blue on the bottom, white in the middle, and red on top) placing a thin layer of icing between each stack
7.) Finally ice the entire outside, decorate as desired and serve!

Here are some fun examples 

 Happy 4th everyone!


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