Sunday, October 1, 2017

My top MUST-DO Activites this October


Good morning, happy Sunday, and happy October! 
There's so much I love about fall, and majority of it happens during October. It's a beautiful time to witness mother natures transition and take advantage of all that her beauty has to offer! I thought it'd be fun to share a few of my personal MUST-DO activities that are on my list this month. 

#1) Take a Hike..LITERALLY

I'm so not one for hiking..BUT there are a few exceptions I cave for, fall foliage being one of them. There are too many beautiful trails around the NJ/NY area not to take advantage of ESPECIALLY during the fall. With the air a bit crisper, and the beauty of the changing leaves surrounding you, there's such a peacefulness to getting out there to experience it all!  

#2) Enjoy a Scenic Weekend Getaway:

Nothing feels more like fall to me than enjoying a weekend getaway surrounded by the cozy charm of a historic town. Cities like Philadelphia PA, Newport RI, & Boston MA are not too far away and have tons to offer during the fall season. This year my top getaway destination is New Hope, PA..I've been wanting to go for the past 5+ years! New Hope is nestled right on the Delaware river and is packed with tons of character. From hiking trails, antique shops, and restaurants galore, there is always something to do. I'm hoping to book an airbnb for one night this month stat!

#3) Take a Local Day Trip:

Can't get away for a whole weekend? Take a day trip! Places like NYC are just a hop away and yet I often overlook them for fall activities. I've been dying to go for a gondola ride in Central Park Lake followed by dinner at the Loeb Boathouse. Why not see the beauty of the park in Autumn while someone else does all the rowing?! The Boathouse will stop serving dinner at the end of the month so it only makes sense to enjoy it before it's too late! 

Other great day-trip ideas on my list: A local October Festival/ Apple Festival,  Hike/Spa Day at Mohonk Mountain House (New Paltz NY), Fall Foliage Cruise (from NYC to Cold Spring NY & back) 

Central Park Lake

Mohonk Mountain House Hotel & Spa

Fall Foliage Cruise 

#4) Experience some Halloween-Related Fun: 

October would't be complete without good ol' Halloween. This year we opted to skip the whole haunted house route and got tickets to a pumpkin show instead. The Great Jack-O-Lantern Blaze is a spectacular showcase of over 7,000 carved pumpkins arranged in all various shapes & forms. Everyone should experience the magic of Halloween, no matter how young/old you are :)

Where: Sleepy Hallow NY

TICKETSHurry this event sells out super fast (every weekend in Oct is already sold out!) 

Thanks for stopping by & I hope you have the best OCTOBER yet!

Thursday, September 14, 2017


So of course I have to start this off with an explanation for my lack of posts the past few months. A lot has changed in my personal life..all for the better :) My husband and I found out in June that we are expecting our first child in March 2018!! We are completely ecstatic and overjoyed at the growth of our family. It has been such a huge dream of mine to become a mother..and I always knew it would happen at the perfect time. 

So what makes this the "perfect time"?? 

Well, for my husband and I, there had been a lot of unanswered questions as to what our next move would be for quite some time.  

We've known since before we got engaged that we want to buy our dream home in a warm tropical location..and not stay in NJ. So once we realized that our hearts were set on Florida, we scoped out places, picked out our favorite area (Fort Lauderdale) had a date set to move out, and got crazy! My husbands career took off and he was going to be traveling so much when we would need to be packing/making this huge life-changing move. So we decided to stay in Jersey a bit longer. While on a trip to the Bahamas this past April, we had a serious conversation about our next steps..was it was finally time to move to Florida?? orrr MAYBE it was time to start a family instead?? All signs were pointing to EITHER!; Yahya's career was transitioning and he was going to be working from home more, our lease for our tiny 1 bedroom apartment was ending in August..nothing was in our way! So we made a deal; we would try for a family in the summer and if it was meant to be we would stay in Jersey a bit longer to be close to my family (and my mom who's a baby nurse :) On the flip-side, if it didn't happen right away..we'd be moving to Florida for September 1st!'s clear what the universe wanted for us b/c in no time at all we found out our little miracle was on his/her way! :)

Now on to Baby Bakkar! OMG still so surreal to write that!!

I had tons of pregnancy tests anxiously waiting for the first day the internet said it would be ok to take them! (lol) On June 26th I snuck to the bathroom while my husband was busy on his computer and took a First Response test! My heart was pounding out of my chest, I laid the test on the counter and sat on the floor for the longest 3 minutes of my life..I couldn't bare to watch the screen blink as it loaded the results. When I finally got the courage to peak..I saw "YES" on the screen! I immediately started crying and stared at myself in the mirror, I just remember thinking.."I'm going to be a mommy!" I have never felt so nervous and excited all at once..I think I cried a good 5 minutes before pulling it together. I always knew I wanted to film Yahya's reaction so I set my phone up on the ledge of our bathroom medicine cabinet, opened the camera app and hit record. I called him in to show him what I had done..his reaction was amazing..shock and joy..this was our next chapter<3 

Check out my horoscope from that day!! (crazy) v

I took about 4 more tests over the next few days & weeks just to confirm..and all were positive. We decided to tell my parents and sister a few weeks later while on vacation in Cape Cod. We were out to dinner and we texted them this pic that we had secretly taken on the beach that day: 

They were in shock! When my parents realized they were going to become grandparents for the first time..they got teary eyed..and my sister balled hysterically :)

Pic we took on the way to dinner.."we have a secret!"

When we got home from vacation my mom referred me of one of her favorite doctors from her hospital and I set up an appointment for my 10 week scan. However, I ended up going in for an emergency visit at 6 weeks because I was experiencing sharp cramping on my right side. Everything turned out normal and the best part was I got to see my baby and hear the heartbeat that soon!! 

1st ultrasound pics from 6 week visit<3

On to our Gender Reveal Party:

Since I'm a self proclaimed "super-planner" I always knew I would want to find out the sex of the baby ASAP. I had non-invasive prenatal testing done (NIPT) at 12 weeks which checks for a few different abnormalities and also reveals the sex. Thank god all was normal and I could pick up the results and plan the party! I kept the envelope sealed and dropped it off at a local party store. They are the ones who look at the results and fill a giant black balloon with the appropriate colored confetti to stuff inside. All that we had to do was pop it!

My husband was certain we'd be having a boy (as were 90% of my family members) and I had absolutely no clue! I loved that we were all so surprised to find out that baby Bakkar is a GIRL!! 

 Sweet baby girl, we have known your name for so long! Even though you only weigh a few ounces, you are so loved and cherished already! Mommy and Daddy promise to do our absolute best to give you an amazing life and all that you deserve. You are the best thing that has ever happened to us, we can't wait to meet you in March!!

 *THANK YOU to everyone who stops by my blog and reads these means the world to me to be able to share a deeper part of myself with you<3

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

4th of July Favs

The 4th of July is less than a week away! I thought I'd put together this post with some adorable favorites to look fabulous this 4th!
Enjoy :)
4th of July Favs!

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Summer Beauty Essentials

Happy JUNE
It officially feels like summer and there's no better time to share some amazing new summer beauty products with you. I scoured the internet for this seasons newest products for hair, body, skin & makeup and put together this collage of my personal top picks. These items are all brand new for summer & will be sure to have you prepped and glowing for whatever fun actives you've got planned.

 I broke them up into categories with descriptions below; enjoy!Summer Beauty Essentials
Face & Makeup Products:


This is the newest set of beauty blenders for summer, coming as a trio of the sponges in fun bright colors.  GET THEM HERE!


This is a great primer for summer! It's silky formula provides a great base for radiant skin and flawless makeup application. It's SPF 30 protects skin from strong summer UV rays.  GET IT HERE!


This delicious smelling mist delivers a healthy-looking dewy glow to the complexion, at the same time fixing makeup so it stays put and looks fresh all day long.  GET IT HERE!


 An allover oil in an easy, portable rollerball pen for hydration from head to toe. Pop this in your beach bag or even your clutch for those hot summer nights!



100% mineral, sweat-resistant formula perfect for reapplying broad spectrum UV protection. It sets your makeup and reduces shine, while diminishing the appearance of pores for a matte finish. GET IT HERE!


A weightless, makeup setting and baking powder with tiny, light-reflecting particles that blur the look of pores and fine lines. GET IT HERE!


This two-tiered eye color pairs two coveted formulas in one to create a lustrous and sexy summertime eye. The ultra-pigmented, metallic cream shadow glides onto lids with a rich, molten glow and the sparkling celestial powder intensifies the look with alluring shimmer. GET IT HERE!


A bronzer that’s inspired by sun-drenched destinations for a sun-kissed glow. 



Melting, plumping formula will leave lips feeling nourished and comfortable. Apply alone or over lipstick for a lightly-colored and naturally shiny look. GET IT HERE!


Save lips from the signs of aging while delivering intense hydration and soft, subtle color. This tinted lip balm is infused with antioxidants and is powered by a blend of essential extracts and oils to help restore the appearance of your lips’ softness, moisture, & elasticity. GET IT HERE!

Body Products:


Citrus and woody notes make this the perfect refreshing scent for summer day or night. GET IT HERE!


Oil inspired by remote private islands where summer lasts all year and one day seamlessly blends into the next. It's silky, lightweight oil smoothes on for a nourishing and revitalizing experience. It helps condition skin and leaves it looking radiant. GET IT HERE!


With 1 application, say goodbye to a dull complexion. With 2 applications, you'll be sporting a sun-kissed glow. With 3 applications, you'll be flaunting a gorgeous summer tan. You can basically be bronzed in no time..isn't that always the goal??  GET IT HERE!


A natural deodorant that’s non-irritating and full of natural odor neutralizers and conditioners for a healthy, clean feel without harsh chemicals. A plus? No one will no it's deodorant with that adorable packaging! GET IT HERE!

Hair Products:

A refreshing spray formula that takes landlocked hair to the beach for loose, languid curls.

OUAI Rose Hair & Body Oil:

A luxurious, fast-absorbing hair and body oil rich in nutrients to illuminate and hydrate. Perfect to quench those dry beachy tassels between tanning sessions!


BRIOGIO Scalp Revival Charcoal Exfoliating Shampoo:

A charcoal- and coconut oil-infused scalp shampoo that detoxifies, exfoliates, soothes, and balances the scalp for optimal scalp health. Perfect for after too many hours in the sun or a few too many soaks in the sea. GET IT HERE!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Mothers Day Gift-Guide

Happy Mothers Day

Summer is coming and a cute beach tote would be a great gift! Fill it up with a cute coverup & flip-flops and mom will be all set for summer!

Get it HERE!

Bangles are always in style and fit almost all wrists, so one engraved with a sweet message will not only look pretty but remind her of you every time she wears it<3

Get it HERE!

I think any woman would love a new fresh perfume/lotion set for Spring so this gift set is always a good idea.

Get it HERE!

If your mom is more into home decor like mine, then she'll love something new for the house. Decorative towels would be on the top of my moms list!

Get it HERE!

A cute accent pillow with a message can be displayed on the couch or on her bed, serving as decor and as a nice reminder of how much you love her!

Get it HERE!

These adorable accent dishes can be for displaying some of your moms jewelry, knick knacks, or simply by itself on a chest or end table. 

Get it HERE!

These mini wooden signs are so cute! Not only will they charm mom, but they'll add charm to a nook or bookshelf too ;)

Get it HERE!

If your moms got a sweet tooth, then a simple order from Edible Errangements could win her over with such cute options such as this faux plant made of cupcakes!

Get it HERE!

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