Monday, August 19, 2019

BABIES..yes babiessss..ON BOARD!


So by now you already know our family is growing by TWO more. But I thought I'd share some more details about the day we found out we were having twins.

Yahya and I always dreamt of having 3 kids but never in a million years expected two to come at once. The shock came at my 8 week doctors apt which I was eagerly awaiting since finding out I was pregnant at just 2 weeks. We walked into the exam room so giddy with Kaiya on our laps hoping to to be able to show her the babies heart beat. As soon as the ultrasound wand hit my belly I saw two black bubbles appear on the tv that moment I knew EXACTLY what they were. I turned first to look at Yahya and gave him that face that says "are you seeing what I'm seeing" ..Yahya was like.."wait is that what I think it is?" & immediately started smiling ear to ear and almost jumped out of his chair with excitement. I immediately looked back at the screen then from the screen to the doctors face about 100 times to see if our instincts were on point...YUP "well..." he said.."it looks like you guys are having twins!"  The most shocking, surreal, scary, exciting moment of my life thus far to say the least. My inner voice went through this exact dialog: "OMG TWO more babies, holy am I going to do this..while moving?! with no help?! I already have a toddler who needs me so much! thats it, I'm hiring help" LMAO! THEN it quickly went to.."wow, how blessed are we, we wanted three, this is perfect, I'm DONE after this pregnancy..WE ARE NOT MOVING." lol

Yahya then asked our Dr. if he thought it would be smart to move since that was our plan all along and he quickly said "there are two things that are very stressful in a woman's life..having children..and moving..don't do it together." LOL I was right there with him!

Then the rush of telling our parents hit us, and how we would tell them. I knew they would be thrilled so we just couldn't wait. We went right over to their house directly from there to share the news. First we barged in telling them we got the house in Florida that we had literally just put an offer on earlier that morning. While fake scrolling through my phone to show them "pictures of the house" I quickly stopped and pulled the ultrasound photo from my shirt. "SYKE, were not moving, we're having a baby!" They went nuts..then Yahya said.."SYKE..we're having TWO!" and pulled out the other ultrasound pic from his jeans. They thought we were joking..NOPE..its happening.."you're getting TWO more grandchildren!" They were so so happy..a moment I'll surely never forget<3.

 I still cant believe its happening...16 weeks later lol. I have to kick myself sometimes with how "someone up there" chose me to carry TWO babies; two more babies to love and kiss and hug for life. I'm most excited to give Kaiya two siblings.. especially now that I know its a boy and a girl; a brother and a perfect!

It's been a bit crazy to say the least..changing all our plans and trying to get our new plans in order quickly. Luckily after 3 months of searching we found a dream house that will have plenty of room for all of us AND help (yes I'm hiring help without shame.) We move in October 1st so the selling/de-cluttering/packing process has started. We (FINALLY) found a car that will fit all 3 of my kiddies in the second row (a must for 3 under 3). I have a bunch of twin gear I want already in a registry and a stroller ready to be purchased as soon as I sell my old one. 

I'd like to think I have my sh*t together cuz I know I probably never will again haha! 
The controlling/organized/neat-freak side of my personality is sure to get rocked..but I'm perfectly happy to learn to let it go and accept the craziness that's in store. I have to remind myself that {we} have to enjoy the messiness that comes with life..that's what makes it all worth it & memorable in the end <3

Thanks for staying and hearing our story and following our crazy adventure. 

Monday, June 3, 2019

Father's Day Gift Guide

Fathers Day is Sunday June 16th so I wanted to put together a fun gift-guide for that special dad or dada in your life.  
My hubby is really into gym gear and clothing so I targeted this collage more towards his likes. My father, on the other hand is an avid golfer and would much rather receive a golf club and/or golf gear over anything else!

You cant go wrong with a new swimsuit or slides for summertime so I included options for both. 

A new wallet and/or belt would I'm sure be much appreciated after all their daily use. 

If the dad in your life is into sneakers like my hubby, then a new pair or a cleaning kit should be a hit. 

Can never go wrong with I right?

If the man likes to grill, let him grill in style with a new set of high-end grill tools. 

Sunday, May 12, 2019

What Motherhood Means to Me

Happy Mothers Day to all the amazing mamas out there! Whether you are an expecting mom, a recently new mom, or a seasoned are all superwomen in my eyes!

Last year Kaiya was just shy of 2 months old when I celebrated my 1st mothers day and now that I'm a bit more "experienced" this time around, I thought I'd share what motherhood has meant to me. 

In all honestly, motherhood is everything to me. It has gifted me the significance I was missing in my life. I used to be so caught up on what "career path" I should choose and I thought that a certain job would make me feel important and therefore fulfill this empty feeling I had. But job after job; even caring after other peoples children, didn't cut it. 

Since having Kaiya, I have never felt so sure of any role in my whole life. I have the beautiful gift of being this little ladies biggest example. To be the one she looks up to, gains advice from, and leans on for support and love. To hold her hand or give her a shoulder to cry on when things get hard. To be her best friend..I can't think of a better job than that. 
*& for all my fellow stay-at-home mamas, being at home with your babies is equivalent to working two full time jobs! So never let anyone tell you different. 

I wake up every day eager to run down the stairs and see that big cheeky smile of hers the moment our eyes meet. I jump at the opportunity to take her to the park, or a store, or even just for a car ride every single day. 

I'm obsessed with watching her big hazel eyes take in the world around her with such fascination. I get to live with a deeper appreciation for everything because the tiniest moments that I would have once took for granted, light up her soul!

Do I sometimes wonder what my pre-baby self would be up to these days? Would she be sitting in a spa? Would she be sleeping in till 8! (oh the glory!) The answer is of course, BUT man would she be missing out. This love is unlike anything in the world & I wouldn't trade it for anything. 

I feel so blessed to have been gifted the opportunity to fulfill this amazing role; to be her mama<3

Friday, May 10, 2019

Toddler Summer Must Haves

If you have a toddler who's always on the move then this post might serve you well! 
My little one is now always on the run (literally!) so I'm always looking for activities to have on deck to keep her busy. With summer soon approaching & plans to spend a ton of time outdoors, I began looking into fun outdoor gear for toddlers. Although we don't have a yard (yet!) my parents have a beautiful backyard that I plan on spending a lot of time in. Plus we have shore trips planned and weekend getaways that I'll want to bring some outdoor toys along for. I found some pretty cool/convenient items that I thought I'd share for other mamas. 

Outdoor Playhouse: My mom bought this for Kaiya last month and she's already loving it. They set it up on their deck and its the 1st thing she goes running to when we arrive at their house. It has all the bells and whistles (literally has a doorbell, mailbox slot, fake fireplace and clock, mini sink and grill, shutters that open and close and a fun little play phone.) Since she's still young her favorite part about it is the doorbell & taking the "big step" to get in and out of the doorway lol!

Bubble Machine: Ever since Kaiya discovered bubbles on Easter (thanks to the Easter bunny ;) all she wants to do is watch mommy blow bubbles. Well, mommy gets tired of doing it after 5 minutes! Luckily they have tons of adorable bubble machines like this that are life-savers! My mom recently picked up a Minnie mouse one and I can't wait to use it!

Water/Sand Tables: I put 2 different options in this post; one thats strictly a water table and the other thats a sensory table split in half for water and sand separately. This age Kaiya is learning how to differentiate colors, textures, depths etc and these types of "sensory play" activities are great for her brain development. With hot temps coming its a bonus that she can learn while having fun and keeping cool.

Sidewalk Chalk: We just started to introduce crayons to Kaiya this past month. While she cant hold them correctly, she does get the concept of scribbling and loves seeing the marks she can make. I think she will get a kick out of being able to draw all over the ground so I'm adding this pack to my amazon cart for sure!

Baby Beach Chair: I'm not sure how much sitting she'll want to do at the beach this summer now that she's already running everywhere; but I couldn't resist this adorable chair with sun umbrella. We have our first summer beach planned for Memorial weekend & we'll have to put it to use! (hoping it'l be warm enough!)

Baby Pool: I like this little blow up baby pool, it's small enough to take with on trips but big enough for a toddler to sit in and splash around with some toys. They make elaborate ones with slides and fountains which are cool too for the parents to enjoy with their kids too. I'm looking forward to pool days so soon! 

Outdoor Tree Swing: This swing is SO cute. If you have a good tree in your yard this swing is perfect. I like that it doesn't look like you're typical plastic baby swing, it can add to your yard decor in a way. But this one can easily fold up and be stored away when you don't want to look at it. 

*If you have any other toddler-friendly suggestions for home outdoor play please message me! 
Currently cultivating a toddler road trip list! Our next trip is a 4hr drive followed by a 1hr boat ride! Wish us luck 

Friday, March 22, 2019

Some Bunny is ONE!

This past weekend we celebrated Kaiya's 1st Birthday!
Who doesn't love a themed party? I was deciding between "Little Miss ONEderful", or "Some Bunny is One" for the longesttt. I chose the latter when I realized I could use Spring and Easter being so close to her birthday to my advantage. I had booked the venue back in December & then it was time to let the party planning begin!

For the entrance table I had a time capsule station to write Kaiya a message for her to open and read when she turns 18. I'll save you the'll be in 2036 people!!! (I suddenly feel incredibly OLD) 

I also had a slideshow of all the photos from her cake-smash photoshoot as well as a picture board with all her photos from 1-12 months. This gorgeous tulip centerpiece in my moms trifle dish was even more beautiful in person. 

Since dessert is the best part of any meal, I had to have a dessert table. I had a few ideas in mind and with the help of 3 very talented ladies, my vision for each dessert came to life. We had cake, cupcakes, cake-pops, cookies, and macarons. 

I wanted to keep the cakes simple since there was a lot going on with the backdrop and other desserts so I went with naked pink tower cakes. The main cake was vanilla with Bavarian cream filling..lets just say I'll be getting that filling from now on..OMG so good!

I had to have some cupcakes because I actually prefer them over cake. Again, I kept them simple with yellow vanilla cake & pink buttercream icing. I added little gold bunny ear toppers. 

Every bunny needs carrots! So carrot cake-pops were a must BUT with funfetti filling..not a carrot cake lover over here. My best friends cousin made them and they were not only adorable but absolutely DELICIOUS! Thanks Jen!

The cookies and macarons were made by my beautiful friend Gianna who is beyond talented. She does this as a side job but could easily have a show on the food network with her skills! She customized these incredible sugar cookies for Kaiya complete with moss #1s, monogramed bunny ears, "It's Some Bunny's Birthday" plaques, and the sweetest little painted bunnies I've ever seen (and eaten!) 

She made these stunning vanilla and strawberry macarons splashed with edible gold! Love you G!!

It always seem you plan and plan for special events and then they're over in a flash! With the help of an amazing photographer I was able to capture the day and some really sweet moments between Kaiya and our friends and family. I can't wait to show them all back to her one day and reminisce on this amazing day! 


Dessert info:
Cookies & macarons: Giannas Cookies
Cake-pops: Sweets By Jennifer
Cake & Cupcakes: Davids Custom Cakes

Janet at Anna Rose Floral Designs: visit their site

Photographer: Full Focus Media

Cake Smash Photographer: Giella Barbara Photography

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Hot Spring/Summer Items to buy NOW!

I know it may seem a little crazy to be thinking about summer in the middle of winter, BUT ITS NOT! The fashion industry is always ahead making now the time to score some great items to add to your upcoming wardrobe. 

The main reasons you should start shopping now are: #1) It's your last chance to scoop up some great sale items from last season before they get marked back up and/or disappear forever & #2) The new arrivals are coming out NOW & they wont stay in stock forever. 
All the major sites already have spring/summer items loading up on their "new arrivals" sections daily and popular favorites get low in stock & sell out quickly! I already put myself on two mailing lists for restock alerts on items that just hit one of my favorite  sites a week ago. might think its too soon..ITS NOT!

I decided to put together this post of Spring/Summer 2019 trends. Most are re-runs (which is why it pays to get them on sale from last year if possible!) 
Happy SPRING shopping!

#1) FLORAL per usual with every spring season, floral is in. Lots of florals in the form of ruffle blouses and dresses..very "doll-like" 

Floral Zimmermann Two-Piece: HERE

#2) Hello TIE-DYE!! I feel like its been around for a while in terms of coverups but Im glad to see it coming back to every-day wear. 

Surf Gypsy Tie-Dye Romper: HERE 

#3) WEDGE HEELS..duh! Year after year I wished I had wedge sandals but there was a part of me that thought they were ugly and unnecessary..I was wrong. Lawn parties, the simple need to be comfortable..theres always a need for neutral wedges. 

Castañer Wedge Espadrilles: HERE

#4) Logo Espadrilles: Espadrilles don't seem to be going anywhere as of lately..& I wouldn't care if they did - I'd still wear them as they're my FAVORITE spring shoe. I feel like logos are everywhere these days..especially with Gucci. Logo or not, espadrilles are a lifesaver when it comes to cute comfort in day-to-day Spring/Summer activities. 

Gucci Espadrilles : HERE

#5) High-Waisted Bikini:  Always chic and practical all Summer, a high-waisted bikini is a must. 

Tularosa Bikini: HERE

#6) Statement Sunglasses: Theres no denying that crazy sunglasses have become very popular over the past couple of years. I'm definitely not into the super tiny/triangle shapes you see some of these girls wear BUT I would go for some of the other sunglass trends this year. They are: ROUND, oversized square, yellow lenses, multi-colored lenses, patterned frames, and of course ity-bity. 

Gucci Sunglasses: HERE

#7) Tassel Earrings: I'm a sucker for statement earrings, always have been, always will. I think they're the best way to make any look POP!

Pink Baublebar Tassel Earrings: HERE

#8) Net/Crochet: LOVING this trend for Summer. Just got a coverup skirt like this for my upcoming trip to Bali!

Lovers & Friends Crochet Skirt: HERE

#9) Straw Bags of any kind: I love the light airy look of straw bags for Spring. Their muted colors go perfectly with the lighter/pastel shades of spring clothes and they're so lightweight and easy to wear. 

Marabelle Straw Crossbody: HERE

#10) Translucent Bags: I was looking up Spring 2019 bag trends and so many are just not my thing (laniard bags? mini duffle purses? top loop clutches..i can't.) Surprisingly translucent is one trend I like.. especially if done in a chic way like this Cult Gaia bag. (love their other clutches!) I can see a bag like this with a pretty two-piece set or maxi in the summertime. 

Cult Gaia Translucent Bag: HERE


Friday, February 1, 2019

Luxe Valentines Day Gift-Guide!

My favorite holiday is fast approaching and I can never resist putting together a fun V-day gift guide. This guide is definitely LUXE and high end..I think I was channeling Carrie Bradshaw when I put this together! Anyways, I'm a super girly girl at heart and even though I may not be living some crazy lavish lifestyle..a girl can dream ok..
Agent Provocateur Bra: HERE

Sachin & Babi Earrings: HERE

Kate Spade watch: HERE

undies: HERE

Gucci crossbody: HERE

Valentino flip flops: HERE

Sophia Webster Pumps: HERE

YSL Lipstick: HERE

Chloé Perfume: HERE

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Squeaky Clean!

I was cleaning up from my bday bash this weekend (why is glitter impossible to get rid of?!) & it occurred to me that cleaning products are just as much of importance as all other everyday items and yet no one really talks about them. They're used regularly (sometimes in excess if you're a clean freak like myself) & we rely on them to clean up our crazy life messes. It got me thinking about the products I use and how I've come to love them over the past few years & I wanted to share them with you today. 

*Since having a baby I try to keep most of my cleaners as clear and free of harsh chemicals as possible. (but Im not perfect!) I also know that not all cleaners are created equal and have paid good $ for certain natural products that simply don't work. However, I can say that I back the products below 100% and would recommend them to anyone who likes their home CLEAN :) 

Method Floor Cleaner:
This stuff is SO NICE on hardwood floors. It leaves them gleaming and smells like a delicious almond pie. It's nozzle allows you to squeeze it right from the bottle onto your floors and then I personally use my Swiffer to mop it all around. 

Natural Multi-Surface Cleaners:
I especially try to keep my kitchen cleaners as natural as possible since they're touching the surfaces me and my baby eat off of. These are all free of harsh chemicals and dyes and yet they actually do a good job! I'm constantly grabbing for these all day long since my counter has become a finger-food frenzy. 

Seventh Generation Dish-Soap:
This is hands down my MOST USED PRODUCT every day of the week. I 1st purchased it the week before having Kaiya & I've stuck with it since. (I used to use Dawn) Its natural but still sudsy and gets the job done. Im constantly washing bottles, nipples, teethers, sippy cups etc. and I can trust that this soap is going to clean them without leaving any traces of dangerous ingredients. I prefer the lavender over the other scents <3


Method Glass Cleaner:
Hands down my FAVORITE window/mirror cleaner! It smells like fresh mint gum so it leaves the room smelling so fresh and clean. I also enjoy watching my mint-obsessed cat attempt to find where the smell is coming from :)

Natures Promise tub and shower cleaner:
Again, an important area I like to keep free of harsh chemicals is the babies tub. I spray the tiles and surround after every bath to keep things squeaky clean without ever worrying about what I'm leaving behind. 

Favorite Detergents:
Detergent is definitely my second most used item any day of the week. Well, not ANY day of the week as I only do laundry once a week (house rules) but I do up to 6 loads on laundry day EASY. I've stuck with Dreft since before Kaiya was born simply because she has never had a rash or bad reaction due to her clothing of any kind. We now use the "active baby" stage 2. 
As for the Glamorous Wash..omg im HOOKED. I saw a favorite blogger of mine rave about it last year and finally got a bottle (its a splurge for detergent for sure) & so far it's been one of the best decisions of my life! (lol) I'm only using it on my towels and linens & I swear this scent was sent from the GODS!! 

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Updated Baby Favorites

I wanted to do an updated baby items post since my last related post was from when Kaiya was a newborn. These items have made life so much easier now that she is getting bigger and I figured they could be good suggestions for other mommies with growing little ones!

Hope you enjoy<3

1.) Little Nomad Play-Mat:

I LOVE this play-mat. If you're in need of a one but don't want to sacrifice the look of your home, then this is the perfect item for you. In my case, I don't have a designated playroom, so most of our playtime is done in our living room and I hated the idea of having bright patterned foam squares sticking out like a sore thumb. I found this company online and loved their style options and picked "Dusk" which matches my decor perfectly. We started out with the 4X6 but just doubled the size since our little one is now mobile. They have a few different designs to choose from & all of them are CHIC!

6X8 Playmat in "DUSK": HERE!

2.) Beaba Up & Down High Chair:

We started out with the Graco Sous Chef 5-in-1 high chair which was AMAZING when Kaiya was a newborn because it had a vibrating lounger which allowed me to roll her anywhere I wanted. However, Kaiya is not a fan of the high chair attachment because of its high back and tray which was blocking her from reaching/moving her arms freely. When we saw the Beaba high chair on Instagram I knew she would love it simply for the fact that I could push it flush up against my island allowing her to grab whatever foods she wanted straight from the countertop. I purchased it as soon as she turned 8 months when she started eating finger-foods and feeding herself her own bottle/ sippy-cup. 

3) Beaba Babycook Plus:

Since Kaiya started eating pureed babyfood around 5 months I was buying organic prepackaged foods from Happybaby & Sprout etc. But since turing 7/8 months I wanted to incorporate more protein and meat into her diet and I was having a hard time finding organic prepared blends including meat in flavors she liked. I love the Beaba babycook because I can make fresh organic blends and purees in less than 20 minutes and I can use the foods I know Kaiya loves most (apple, sweet potato, pear etc.) Now that she's getting more used to table foods I make the purees thicker and even add thicker chunks of meats to the purees to help her transition. 

4) Silicone Grip Dishes:

These suction trays are great and help keep (some) food off the counter and make it easier for Kaiya to grab and feed herself during mealtime.  I ordered a bunch of different sizes/shapes right off amazon. Of course I had to get some cute animal shapes and marble patterned ones :)

Marble tray: HERE!
Owl tray: HERE!

5) Munchkin Any Angle click-lock weighted straw cup:

This is our favorite sippy cup so far..and we have several! I think this is the best starter sippy cup for babies based on its easy-to-use function. Every other cup requires the baby to lift the cup up by the handles in order to get milk/water. This one has a silicone straw that's weighted so it stays at the bottom making it easy for your baby to drink without ever having to lift it up. The best part is its spill-proof and it can withstand hundreds of (intentional) drops off the high chair!

Image result for munchkin sippy cup weighted straw

6) Organic Teethers & Snacks:

I love these "Healthy Times Organic Biscuits" because they don't break off in the babies mouth! I've tried a bunch of other teether snacks and they are so flimsy and thin that Kaiya was biting huge chunks off and almost choking on them.  I found these in my local food store and luckily I decided to try them because they'e GREAT! (messy too though) She'll have one and it takes almost an hour to finish it because it slowly dissolves/melts. They have vanilla and maple flavors to choose from. 

Happy Baby Puffs: LOVE THESE! They're hands down Kaiyas favorite puffs. She liked the Gerber ones but I decided to ditch them since they werent organic. 

7) Joovy Room 2 Playpen:

We had been using our Graco pack n' play playpen up until now and had this Joovy playpen at my parents. This one is larger and since Kaiya's getting bigger and wants to cruise she has more space to play and crawl from toy to toy when mommy needs both hands free! I have it right in the living room against the wall and its wheels allow me to easily drag it closer to the kitchen when Im cooking etc.  

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