Friday, August 2, 2013

Mini Vaca to Boston/Cape Cod

I always love going to Cape Cod with my family every summer, but this year was extra special because I got to stop in Boston first! My hunny is teaching a leadership course at Harvard University for high school students preparing for college and I wanted to visit with him and see some sights in the city. LOVE the people/food/buildings/attractions in Boston..such a beautiful atmosphere and a great time!
We shuttled over to the Cape after 2 days and spent quality time with my grandparents and parents at some of my favorite childhood beaches..enjoy =)

near Fenway Park..

beautiful gardens in a local park..

getting some awesome Thai food!

boarding the ferry to Cape Cod..

loved this old wharf turned restaurant! 

some of the port / trade center in Boston

leaving the dock..

arriving in beautiful Provincetown after a short boat ride over..

i love local beach communities..

Yahya in one of the family boats on a ride over to the Cove beach.  =)

so peaceful

washed up horseshoe crab..

Yahya with his golf swag..

a day at Cole beach

literally lounging in the water

can't wait to go back!

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