Friday, March 3, 2017

Chic-Up Your Space for Spring

Hello Loves & Happy FRIDAY! 
Every season I transition my home decor just as I do my wardrobe. So for Spring I'm swapping out my warm wintery blankets & knitted pillows for bright, lightweight throws & cheerful accessories. Wether you have an entire home, an apartment like me, or even just a bedroom, you can really transform a space with a few great items.
I created this collage with spring & summer in mind. 
I chose bright cool-toned pieces and mixed metals. I also have an obsession with marble (if you couldn't tell) so theres a bit of that going on as well. I included the diamond wire lamp because I have seen so many versions of these lamps everywhere & they're so fun and bring attention to a corner or nook. I had to include a terrarium because as you know, they're adorable and plants bring life to the room. I love Gray Malin, he's an incredible artist and is best know for his arial images of beaches from around the world. If you have beige walls like me, one on his pieces will add so much interest to the room. Items like the fish "gurgle pot" and pineapple jar are trendy right now and can add a pop of color to your end-table or countertop. I had to include the natural stone coasters because they're absolutely beautiful and minimal and give an expensive classy vibe. Lastly, a modern clock & some cute bookends fill empty places and keep the eye interested. I love how everything flows nicely together. Hope you do too! 
XO Kate<3
Chic-Up Your Space for Spring

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  1. I absolutley love the items you have shared ! they look so vibrant and fresh , i might be picking some up for my lounge this summer. Thanks for sharing


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