Sunday, January 6, 2019

Updated Baby Favorites

I wanted to do an updated baby items post since my last related post was from when Kaiya was a newborn. These items have made life so much easier now that she is getting bigger and I figured they could be good suggestions for other mommies with growing little ones!

Hope you enjoy<3

1.) Little Nomad Play-Mat:

I LOVE this play-mat. If you're in need of a one but don't want to sacrifice the look of your home, then this is the perfect item for you. In my case, I don't have a designated playroom, so most of our playtime is done in our living room and I hated the idea of having bright patterned foam squares sticking out like a sore thumb. I found this company online and loved their style options and picked "Dusk" which matches my decor perfectly. We started out with the 4X6 but just doubled the size since our little one is now mobile. They have a few different designs to choose from & all of them are CHIC!

6X8 Playmat in "DUSK": HERE!

2.) Beaba Up & Down High Chair:

We started out with the Graco Sous Chef 5-in-1 high chair which was AMAZING when Kaiya was a newborn because it had a vibrating lounger which allowed me to roll her anywhere I wanted. However, Kaiya is not a fan of the high chair attachment because of its high back and tray which was blocking her from reaching/moving her arms freely. When we saw the Beaba high chair on Instagram I knew she would love it simply for the fact that I could push it flush up against my island allowing her to grab whatever foods she wanted straight from the countertop. I purchased it as soon as she turned 8 months when she started eating finger-foods and feeding herself her own bottle/ sippy-cup. 

3) Beaba Babycook Plus:

Since Kaiya started eating pureed babyfood around 5 months I was buying organic prepackaged foods from Happybaby & Sprout etc. But since turing 7/8 months I wanted to incorporate more protein and meat into her diet and I was having a hard time finding organic prepared blends including meat in flavors she liked. I love the Beaba babycook because I can make fresh organic blends and purees in less than 20 minutes and I can use the foods I know Kaiya loves most (apple, sweet potato, pear etc.) Now that she's getting more used to table foods I make the purees thicker and even add thicker chunks of meats to the purees to help her transition. 

4) Silicone Grip Dishes:

These suction trays are great and help keep (some) food off the counter and make it easier for Kaiya to grab and feed herself during mealtime.  I ordered a bunch of different sizes/shapes right off amazon. Of course I had to get some cute animal shapes and marble patterned ones :)

Marble tray: HERE!
Owl tray: HERE!

5) Munchkin Any Angle click-lock weighted straw cup:

This is our favorite sippy cup so far..and we have several! I think this is the best starter sippy cup for babies based on its easy-to-use function. Every other cup requires the baby to lift the cup up by the handles in order to get milk/water. This one has a silicone straw that's weighted so it stays at the bottom making it easy for your baby to drink without ever having to lift it up. The best part is its spill-proof and it can withstand hundreds of (intentional) drops off the high chair!

Image result for munchkin sippy cup weighted straw

6) Organic Teethers & Snacks:

I love these "Healthy Times Organic Biscuits" because they don't break off in the babies mouth! I've tried a bunch of other teether snacks and they are so flimsy and thin that Kaiya was biting huge chunks off and almost choking on them.  I found these in my local food store and luckily I decided to try them because they'e GREAT! (messy too though) She'll have one and it takes almost an hour to finish it because it slowly dissolves/melts. They have vanilla and maple flavors to choose from. 

Happy Baby Puffs: LOVE THESE! They're hands down Kaiyas favorite puffs. She liked the Gerber ones but I decided to ditch them since they werent organic. 

7) Joovy Room 2 Playpen:

We had been using our Graco pack n' play playpen up until now and had this Joovy playpen at my parents. This one is larger and since Kaiya's getting bigger and wants to cruise she has more space to play and crawl from toy to toy when mommy needs both hands free! I have it right in the living room against the wall and its wheels allow me to easily drag it closer to the kitchen when Im cooking etc.  

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