Sunday, May 12, 2019

What Motherhood Means to Me

Happy Mothers Day to all the amazing mamas out there! Whether you are an expecting mom, a recently new mom, or a seasoned are all superwomen in my eyes!

Last year Kaiya was just shy of 2 months old when I celebrated my 1st mothers day and now that I'm a bit more "experienced" this time around, I thought I'd share what motherhood has meant to me. 

In all honestly, motherhood is everything to me. It has gifted me the significance I was missing in my life. I used to be so caught up on what "career path" I should choose and I thought that a certain job would make me feel important and therefore fulfill this empty feeling I had. But job after job; even caring after other peoples children, didn't cut it. 

Since having Kaiya, I have never felt so sure of any role in my whole life. I have the beautiful gift of being this little ladies biggest example. To be the one she looks up to, gains advice from, and leans on for support and love. To hold her hand or give her a shoulder to cry on when things get hard. To be her best friend..I can't think of a better job than that. 
*& for all my fellow stay-at-home mamas, being at home with your babies is equivalent to working two full time jobs! So never let anyone tell you different. 

I wake up every day eager to run down the stairs and see that big cheeky smile of hers the moment our eyes meet. I jump at the opportunity to take her to the park, or a store, or even just for a car ride every single day. 

I'm obsessed with watching her big hazel eyes take in the world around her with such fascination. I get to live with a deeper appreciation for everything because the tiniest moments that I would have once took for granted, light up her soul!

Do I sometimes wonder what my pre-baby self would be up to these days? Would she be sitting in a spa? Would she be sleeping in till 8! (oh the glory!) The answer is of course, BUT man would she be missing out. This love is unlike anything in the world & I wouldn't trade it for anything. 

I feel so blessed to have been gifted the opportunity to fulfill this amazing role; to be her mama<3

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