Sunday, October 9, 2016

My Fall Skincare Routine

So I tend to have oily skin to begin with, but with the colder air creeping its way in, I'm experiencing a lot of dryness which is causing my skin to produce MORE oil. In tern, I've been getting more buildup..which is leading to frequent breakouts, flaky patches, and redness! I was in the market for some new skincare products as it was, & with all these issues popping up left & right, I decided to do some research. I found some great products to add to my routine & I wanted to share them with you<3

Clinique 3-Step System:

1.) Cleanse: A cleansing foam that unclogs pores by eliminating dirt & excess oil.

2.) Clarify: A medicated lotion that exfoliates the skin & reduces redness leaving you with fresh baby-soft new skin!

3.) Treat: A soothing finishing lotion that helps treat already existing blemishes & creates a barrier against acne-causing agents.

 Left: Daylogic for dry thirsty skin
Right: Origins charcoal mask for blackheads

Makeup Additions: 

1.) Nivea post-shave balm (yes its for men but it works wonders under foundation!..try it!)

2.) Mario Badescu facial spray is amazing to freshen up your skin throughout the day or use it to finish off your makeup look

Night creams: 

After the 3-step system I like to put a dab of either of these night creams around my eyes and mouth to soften lines and prevent aging! Both have amazing ingredients & reviews :)

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