Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Winters Hottest Acessories

Winters Hottest Acessories

Hey loves! 

Accessories play as big of a role as clothes when it comes to fashion..I'm a huge accessorize(r) {is that a word?} & I love to shop for bags and jewelry as much as anything else. So today I am bringing you the hottest accessory trends for winter 16". Of course there are so many trends to choose from but I picked my personal favorites for this post & I hope you're as obsessed as I am! 

1) Fringe Earrings; This is my personal favorite trend right now.. they're so beautiful & feminine. Dress them up, dress them down.. they make a statement and they just scream LUXURY! {BUY HERE!}

2.) Embellished Phone Cases; Why not make the thing you hold the most..your most fab accessory? Think about it; most of the time our phones are not in our handbags, they are in our hands! Everyone sees you on them..checking your email..answering text messages; take off your boring rubber case and give your phone some bling! {SHOP IT HERE!}

3.) Padlock Handbags; Again we're adding to that {luxurious} feeling but with a lock and key. It's so much fun, very sophisticated and yet doesn't have to be expensive; I've seen so many affordable versions of this Gucci clutch online it's unreal.. {SHOP IT HERE!}

4.) Corset belts; Again we have to thank Kim K for brining back this one…prior to her sporting these bad boys just a few weeks ago, these belts were a thing of the past, & only offered as a provocative lingerie item ๐Ÿ˜ณ  Thanks to the "queen" these belts are everywhere & not risquรฉ in the least! {SHOP IT HERE!}

5.) Wool BoHo Hats; I was never a huge fan of hats..but I picked up a few within the last couple of months I have been finding them so useful! When my hair is bad, when it's just too cold, or I just feel like throwing it is so chic and finishes off a cozy look any day. {SHOP IT HERE!}

6.) Pins and Brooches; Ever since this craze of denim jackets started popping up over the summer, girls have been accessorizing them with brooches and pin sets and I think it is SO adorable! They are being shown on regular tops, jackets and hats and I can't get enough of them; so feminine & fun! {SHOP IT HERE!}

7.) Pom-pom Keychains; These have been around since even before last year, but the craze has not ended. As you can see with this Tory Burch "pouf", high end designers are making them in the cutest forms & I bet they're not going anywhere anytime soon! {SHOP IT HERE!}

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