Sunday, January 5, 2014

New Year New Age New ME!

Happy Belated New Year Loves!
I know I skipped a few weeks of blog posts..I got caught up with family over the holidays..buttt I'm back =) Can you believe its 2014?!? I'm so excited for all that this year has to bring..I'm moving out of my parents house..I'm getting married..taking my career to new levels!..SO excited!
I get extra happy around new year because that means my birthday is right around the corner. Yesterday I turned 25..I can't believe how fast time has flown! Most people (including myself) say that 25 is like the last fun birthday..but I don't believe that anymore..I feel like I'm just starting my life and I know I'll have many more birthdays to look forward to! With that said I wanted to give you the details on my birthday look from last night. 

Hope you enjoy! <3 Kate

On Me:

Rose Gold Damask Dress by Gracia : HERE!

Split Front Booties : HERE!

T Dot Oooh! Lashes by Velour: HERE!


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