Friday, January 17, 2014

Quick & Easy DIY Valentines Day Jars/Vases

Hello everyone!!!
So my favorite holiday by farrrr is Valentines Day..always has been..always will be. 
I love the romance of it..thoughtful cards for no reason..bouquets of gorgeous roses..chocolate..etc etc. Anyways..I'm also a big fan of DIY projects and this year I wanted to put my own spin on painted mason jars. I knew I wanted to do shades of pink and then make them look old/used. So I picked up some paint and accessories from Michael's and then got some sand paper from my dad's garage and had some fun. I wanted mine to be a little tacky and overdone because most V-day decorations are and once flowers are in them..they'll look adorable so who cares!
 soO yeah! Enjoy<3
(p.s. please disregard my gross nails in some of these shots..literally peeled of my gel manicure right before i started)

 Everything I used..
I mixed these two acrylic paints to achieve the 3 shades..

1st coat..
2nd coat..
 sand them down as little or as much as you'd like
 ready to accessorize 

Ta Da!

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